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The core product for checking and collaboration, from design to build.

Monthly subscription is billed every month, annual subscription once a year. Payments accepted with Credit Cards (Discover Card, American Express, Visa Card, MasterCard) and PayPal. VAT may apply.

Individual subscription permits the person nominated in the subscription (registered email) to use Solibri Office Lite. You're not allowed to share the subscription with other users. Please note that only public extensions are available with Solibri Office Lite. You can read more about extensions in the FAQ section below.


Viewing models (IFC & SMC)

Viewing, commenting and editing issues

Exchanging issues with BCF Live Connector

Using markups & dimensions

Using classifications

Viewing Solibri Score

Combining multiple IFCs

Creating BCF Live issues

Creating classifications

Taking off quantities & more

Customizing Solibri via Solibri Developer Platform

Checking models

Customizing rules

Using Autorun

Updating Solibri Score

CDE Integrations

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