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Solibri Office Lite subscription
The core product for checking and collaboration, from design to build.

Monthly subscription is billed every month, annual subscription once a year. Payments accepted with Credit Cards (Discover Card, American Express, Visa Card, MasterCard) and PayPal. VAT may apply.

Individual subscription is meant for personal use for a named user only, and can't be shared with other users. Please note that extensions (additional add-ons for Solibri Office) are not available within Solibri Office Lite. You can read more about Extensions in the FAQ section below.


Viewing models (IFC & SMC)

Viewing, commenting and editing issues

Exchanging issues with BCF Live Connector

Using markups & dimensions

Using classifications

Viewing Solibri Score

Combining multiple IFCs

Creating BCF Live issues

Creating classifications

Taking off quantities & more

Customizing Solibri via Solibri Developer Platform

Checking models

Customizing rules

Using Autorun

Updating Solibri Score

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